CUCHET 1910, leading company in the Spanish fur market. It has its own workshops and a design laboratory with highly qualified staff.


We work to measure, with personalized patterns for each client and we make several collections a year, for the national and international market.


We acquire the skins at international auctions, on farms and in the national market. They are purchased “raw” and once selected, we tan them in our tanners in Paris and Milan, carefully choosing the finishes for the leather and hair.


We have recently created a new department for home decoration, making all types of leather blankets that we combine with textiles and other materials. We have an extensive collection and we also make them to order from the client.


We make several collections a year in BAGS and SHOES with our brand, which we sell directly in our company and online for the national and international market, which are made entirely in Spain carrying the “Made In Spain” seal.


For more information, please contact us from our telephone number on our website.